The Inman Company


Great Lakes By Design Vol 4, Issue 4 [ PDF 301kb ]
Enriched Motif

Traverse City Business News 09.2019 [ PDF 1.7mb ]
The Big Business of Design

Traverse City Business News
LochenHeath On The Rebound:

BAYLIFE North Magazine
Hip Flip

Traverse City Record Eagle 08.17.2016 [ PDF 2.6mb ]
Frankfort eatery to add TC Location

Kitchen and Bath Business 06.2015 [ PDF 991k ]
Bringing the Indoors Out

The New York Times 03.2015 [ PDF 88k ]
As the Economy Awakens, Thoughts Turn to Dream Houses

Affinity Inc Magazine 08.2014 [ PDF 347k ]
The Inman Co. coordinates interior design, mixing in a pop of good will

Traverse City Business News 06.2014 [ PDF 123k ]
up north home interiors get cozier, more chic and less formal

CS 04.2012 [ PDF 541k ]
Man up! - Men of Style

sheridan road 04.2012 [ PDF 319k ]
modern masterpieces

Traverse City Business News 02.2012 [ PDF 319k ]
guilty pleasures - the luxury of a performance shower

New American Luxury Vol. 2, Number 2 [ PDF 655k ]
interior designer shane inman and actor-turned-designer joseph parisi discuss how they balance client requests without sacrificing their creative integrity

Sheridan Road Magazine Vol. 5, Issue 6 [ PDF 152k ]
He Walks His Talk

chicago magazine 11.2011 [ PDF 434k ]
men of style

Prismma 09.2011 [ PDF 2.3mb ]
Detail at the core of design

Traverse City Business News 09.2011 [ PDF 560k ]
Profile: Shane Inman

Traverse - Northern Home & Cottage 06/07.2011 [ PDF 3.2mb ]
Northern Style / Traditional, Relaxed

Traverse City Business News 04.2011 [ PDF 820k ]
the crown jewels of communication and entertainment are being
hardwired into our environment

Luxury Home Quarterly 04.2011 [ PDF 852k ]
white collar: shane inman’s monochromatic home office doubles
as an effective promotional tool

Grand Traverse Insider 01.2011 [ PDF 1.3 mb ]
dream decor: traverse city, chicago design firm featured on hgtv

Traverse City Business News 05.2010
top 10 secrets to successful interior design

TC Business News [ PDF 118k ]
40 under 40: shane inman, 35, Owner, the inman company

Michigan Home Resource Guide Spring 2009 [ PDF 860k ]
walls: the perfect blank canvas

Michigan Home Resource Guide Winter 2008 [ PDF 688k ]
decorating like the pros: 10 insider tips from the files of top interior designers

Michigan Home Resource Guide Fall 2008 [ PDF 2.5 mb ]
choosing and interior designer: an interviewing primer qualifications and
polished profesional skills speak louder than words

Michigan Home Resource Guide Summer 2008 [ PDF 4 mb ]
on remodeling: what every homeowner needs to know before the walls
come tumbling down

Michigan Home Resource Guide Spring 2008 [ PDF 1.1 mb ]
kitchen sense: Updating tips for any budget

Michigan Home Resource Guide Winter 2007 [ PDF 850k ]
the interior designer: an affordable,practical luxury

Northern Michigan Men's Magazine 01/02.2008 [ PDF 850k ]
homestyle: if your plans include a trip back to your place, add some
instant style for a good impression

The Record Eagle 2008 [ PDF 850k ]
Real Estate Staging: The art of selling visually and emotionally